Why Dance?


Motion is such an integral part of life from the constant motion of the solar system to the movement of the ocean tides. Where there is life there is motion and movement, there is the rhythm of breathing, a heartbeat, and the movement of blood through our veins. Before a baby is born it will experience movement in the womb, later it will delight in the movement of being carried in arms.

Our country could be deeply lacking in physical movement. With the highest rates of obesity and the diseases, illnesses, and injuries that come with it, we cannot afford to continue keeping still.

Children have a desire to move that is good and natural and should be properly encouraged. Creative movement classes can help very young children develop a sense of body awareness, helping them know where their body is in space. This skill is a vital stepping-stone in a child’s development both physically and emotionally.

For older children, dancing can be a stress reliever and a confidence booster. Developing a good sense of balance can ease anxiety and encourage a positive self-image.

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