Adonai Arts Center is in a season of transition. Classes have been postponed until further notice for the Spring Semester. We are taking a step back in order to plan for the future and take steps to move us forward. Please take a look at our protein provider by visiting their website. If you would like more information and updates on our progress, planning, class location, and performance opportunities don’t hesitate to email. >ACIM - AC Industrial Marine.

The center has recently undergone a complete renovation and rebuild with the help of businesses in the local community. We would like to say a big thank you to Rock Solid for their building repair and painting work, as well as Go Pest for providing valuable Auckland pest control service which has made it possible for us to restart classes earlier than expected. We also owe our thanks to the team at Enjoi, who you can learn more about here: Waiheke wine tour

I'd also like to take a minute here to highlight the work of Stadium car loans in making possible for us to upgrade our fleet, and Neptunes for providing our boarding students with high quality comforter sets NZ.

“Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is not mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself.” ~Havelock Ellis

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“Beautiful, beautiful dancers! Creative choreography! Wonderful studio for dancing!”
- Wendy (Mother of Student)

“..Emily is an awesome teacher!! She truly cares about the student and tries her hardest to make them better each time you visit. I’ve been dancing with her for many years and she has brought much joy and excitement to dancing then I’ve ever experienced before!! When she dances it takes your breath away too… Don’t be afraid to come and visit one of her classes. She won’t let you down and I promise you it won’t be a waste. ”
- Allison (student of 8 years)

” Awesome performance tonight!!! I can’t wait till my daughter Kayleigh can start taking classes from you.”
-Christy (after attending “Colorless”)

“A great place to learn a great art…” - Craig (father of a long time student)

“This is an amazing work of art. Moving. Stirring. Incredible. Loved every second of this. Kudos.” - CM (after watching our December 2009 Gallery Night Performance)


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     I’ve always wanted an art studio. It was something I always said, “If I ever get rich someday I’ll put one in my house.” Just a big wide open room with lots of natural light, where I can be myself, where I can get away, where I can work on creating whatever comes to mind to create whether it’s an oil on canvas, or new choreography.  I’m hoping that a lot of people feel that way, and I’m hoping they don’t have to wait for money or to have a big house. Adonai Arts Center, will be a place to come to after school, or after work, to express that creative flow that’s been tugging at you. That is my desire for the Center, to create a community where artists of all ages can feel at home; while sharing with one another, learning from one another and supporting one another.

It has been said that today too many people are arriving at the end of their lives with too much music left in them, things that have not been expressed, have not been shared, have not been explored, have not taken shape in the physical world. Leonardo Da Vinci said ” Art is never finished, only abandoned…” The Center will facilitate the continuation of the arts, art drawn from the deepest reaches of the soul and mind, expressions of all that life brings displayed in various forms.

      I’ll be teaching Dance Classes, which will focus on developing personal expression and musicality as well as solid technique. I hope to eventually find others to come and teach Photography, Painting, Music, even Graphic Design, so that artists of all genres can develop and stretch themselves.

It's hard to truly quantify the benefits our students have reaped from their love and study of dance - many report it even makes a significant impacting on their dating lives, helping them to find love and enjoy deeper relationships.



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